Limos of Houston - About Us

Growing up, we were always obsessed with cars. From Hot Wheels to our very first beater cars, we wanted to know more about how they worked, what they could do, and most importantly how we could get them. A decade ago, we decided to begin Houston Limousines out of a shared lifelong passion for vehicles, and we haven't looked back since.

Our number one goal has always been customer satisfaction. Our Southern hospitality has won over our clients time and time again. It extends beyond a smile and polite service to going above and beyond at every level. We are extremely careful to keep our vehicles pristine and running smoothly, and we always make sure our clients leave happy.

We operate in Houston because this is where our families are. We're part of the community, and that means that we're deeply rooted. It's likely that we'll run into each other again, and by providing the best possible service, we ensure that every client we meet again is happy to see us. Thank you for making us the premiere limousine service provider in Houston!